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It's Summer? [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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it's been awhile [Sep. 1st, 2005|07:18 pm]
[feelin' |lazylazy]

well i haven't updated in forever

school started on 08.10
first semester classes::
first responder
ap english
health science 2
team sports 2
ap us history

first blood drive 08.31
i almost passed out 30 mins after giving blood cuz we had a fire drill and the heat outside made me all lightheaded and shtuff.

first football game and pep rally 09.02
how freakin gay.. cuz of the stupid uniforms.. we have to wear white polo shirts that we can air brush with our class colors for the pep rally.. ahhh i'll just wear a red shirt underneath psh

moving to tennessee possibly 09.09

that's pretty much it as of now =]
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Whoa [Jun. 29th, 2005|09:43 am]
[feelin' |annoyedannoyed]
[hearin' |[Tie Her Down] Senses Fail]

it's been a while..

i haven't done much really

yea it's summer but it sux.

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it's been a while [Mar. 21st, 2005|09:55 pm]
[feelin' |crushedcrushed]
[hearin' |Some Cut [Trillville]]

sorry i haven't written in a loonnnggg time..

there has been a lot going on but i'm not gonna write lol cuz i'm too lazy..

official first day of spring break..

i'm really bored

and teachers gave work to do

for chemistry and ap


saw "the ring two" on friday

and "robots" today

i haven't even seen josh at all

and i thought i would be able to see him a lot..

but yea.. byiees
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(no subject) [Feb. 27th, 2005|12:50 pm]
grr work for 1-5 pm

then out to dinner for my dad's bday afterwards


heheh he's old..

nah he doesn't look his age though..

he looks 10 years younger than he really is

but yea so i got denise..

a pacsun gift card

then i got ari..

an aeropostale gift card

i was asking her what her fave store was

but she didnt answer til like 2 hours after i left the mall

so shes just gonna have to buy something from there

i really wanted these pants at aeropostale

and these earrings, socks and bracelet at pacsun

but ill just wait til my dad comes back from cali

hes leaving on saturday and coming back on tuesday

so i can use my pacbucks too

well yea im gonna go


i <3 josh
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(no subject) [Feb. 19th, 2005|08:20 pm]
[feelin' |sicksick]
[hearin' |Cry [Mandy Moore]]

i want a boy that will stay with me for always

He'll know you can never say I love you too many times
But he knows not to say it if he doesn't mean it with all his  heart

                   He'll tell me we're like Corey and Topanga

                              He'll give me his favorite sweatshirt

He'll make me a Build-a-Bear

And he wont care about how silly he looks being in a store full of 2nd graders

                               Because he knows it would be special to me

                  He'll stay home with me and watch Mulan

And he'll tell me he loved it  even though he didn't

and the only person he would ever watch it with would be me




He'll tell me he couldn't fall asleep because he was thinking about me, and he needed to hear my voice

  He cant walk next to me without holding my hand

We?ll talk about our future..

                                                          And name our kids

And he always whispers something sweet in my ear

He'll take me to a concert to see his favorite band

And he wont get embarrassed to tell me he loves me in front of his friends

When I cry he'll tell me I'm too beautiful to and he'll kiss every tear

He'll always make me feel better because he knows the perfect things  to say to me


We?ll n.e.v.e.r. run out of things to talk about


All of his friends will know we're in love because he'll talk about me to them

When we're walking together he'll stop and pick up a flower and put it behind my ear

He'll tell me I'm a princess

And treat me like one too

He'll love everything about me and tell me that I'm perfect

 He?ll send me r.a.n.d.o.m. flowers


We always end up laughing about silly fights

We wont get mad for making fun of each other because we crack up at every bit of it

Even if we're a million years old, butterflies will still go crazy inside of me

Every time he kisses me

He'll tell me he'd die without me

He'll surprise me by bringing me over my favorite food when I'm having a bad day

When we go out for ice cream, he'll put some on my nose?then I'll put some all over his face

And we just never stop laughing

He's interested in everything I say, and he always cares about it

He'll buy me jewelry and bouncy balls from vending machines

              He wont stop playing until he's won me a stuffed animal

He'll take walks with me in the snow, and we'll catch TsnowflakesT on our tongues

He doesn't even like snow, but I love it

Every time I even hear his name, it takes my breath away

And when I hear him speak,
 fall in love  all over again

He?ll take me for a night UnDeR tHe StArS

He'll pay for me all the time even though I never want him to but I can never win

But with him I could never lose either

Because everything about him is just so wonderful


I'll be his everything

And he'll be even more to me

He will love me for always

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(no subject) [Feb. 18th, 2005|11:21 pm]
[feelin' |sleepysleepy]
[hearin' |The Taste Of Ink [The Used]]

she's such an IDIOT!
napoleon dynamite moment there

dad's probably going to
modesto, cali
for an interview

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Valentines Day! [Feb. 14th, 2005|06:47 pm]
[feelin' |lovedloved]
[hearin' |Breakdown [Breaking Benjamin]]

hey hey guyz
happy valentines day!
i love josh
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grrr [Feb. 12th, 2005|01:10 pm]
[feelin' |depresseddepressed]
[hearin' |[vertigo - american hi fi]]

it's finally the weekend!

don't know what to do today..

wanna go to the mall and maybe the movies

and amanda wants me to go to the school dance with her

i dunno though..

i'll figure it out today

got to talk to josh for like 10 mins. on thursday..

this really sux!!!

i'll write more later..
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(no subject) [Feb. 5th, 2005|08:53 pm]
[feelin' |tiredtired]
[hearin' |[Whiskey Lullaby] Brad Paisley + Alison Krauss]

yay i finally got to see my joshy today!!

we went and saw hide and seek

and he made me a volcom mousepad

why do you think i love him so much!!

other than that.. i didn't do much

talking to neeners on the phone now..

amanda kinda died online..

of course she's on the phone with vj

grr work tomorrow.. during the super bowl

i'm gonna keep the tv on the whole time lol

but yea.. i'm gonna go


josh--> i LOVE you!
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really random [Feb. 1st, 2005|10:05 pm]
[feelin' |hopefulhopeful]
[hearin' |[I can love you like that] Boyz II Men]

late arrival day tomorrow!
i propose that they should do those things EVERY wednesday

hmm.. i might finally see josh this weekend!
i can't wait.. it's been 2 weeks grrr..
it really does suck that we don't go to the same school anymore

the 80's had real kick ass music

wow.. my new layout is very purple lol
i'm gonna try and change the icon as much as i can

kathryn! u disappeared during 4th hour?!

but anywho's.. sometimes i get to wondering..
me, amanda and renee used to talk about
how awesome it would be if we all stay friends..
throughtout high school,
during college and even after that..

but there's times when i doubt it'll happen..

one i get along with great..
she gets me perfectly

the other.. has been aggravating me so much lately!
with boys, work, and
stupid little comments..
she probably doesn't mean most of it
but it still gets to me..
i'm such a bitch huh?!
it all started over the summer.. wtf? dude
i've tried talking to her about it
but she just laughs it off..
and thinks it's all a joke

it gets me wondering sometimes..
maybe i need to be more selfish.. like her
maybe i need to care less about how
my friends and other people
will be affected by what i do
or say.. like her

because i'm always the one who ends up getting mad and hurt
while she's always happy
when i'm the one pissed or hurt.. i'm still the bitch
but when she's the one pissed or hurt.. everyone's sorry

i'm not gonna ask anymore questions..
i'm gonna keep everything to myself..

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